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About us

CDK—CHUO DENSHI KOGYO CO., LTD, established in 1950 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializes in the manufacturing of precision electronic components and its factory is located in Kumamoto Prefecture. CDK has packaging factories in Kumamoto Prefecture and Taiwan. Its annual revenue has reached 5 billion dollars. With 70 years of experience in production and management, CDK has developed into an international leader ranging from R&D, design, packaging, production, to quality assurance. The main clients of CDK include NEC, RENESAS, PANASONIC, and KYOCERA. More importantly, CDK is the ODM supplier of RF and microwave components for NEC and RENESAS. The classic parts, such as RF SW UPG2179、UPG2214、UPG2163,LNA UPC8231、UPC8236, are all researched and developed by CDK. Since the expansion into international markets in 2015, CDK has achieved considerable success and its wireless meter, wireless audio, and wireless routers have been widely recognized in the market.