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Source: Date:2018-07-18

On May 23, formally founded in one hundred lines of inquiry on the same day, its shareholders, and one of the eight pilot personal credit bureaus, chengxin credit (hereinafter referred to as chengxin), announced A complete 450 million yuan and A + round A round. The personage inside course of study analysis, in personal credit business and other credit platform power under the condition of without apparent gap, chengxin can win the investment, in addition to the relevant background and related resources advantage is more prominent, more important is its one hundred line of credit reporting the identity of the shareholders.

Although feel in one hundred lines of credit with only a 8% stake, but the $450 million of financing, but full affirmation of the weight of the personal credit registry licences.

After the pedestrian, the establishment of one hundred lines of credit, is the construction of credit system in our country welcome efforts to promote. For folk credit reporting services, however, the situation is not optimistic, but now has become a critical period of life and death.

This stage, "reference" is no longer a personal credit reporting industry service platform of the main keywords, "credit technology", "financial science and technology", "smart risk control" become the emerging business concepts, to walk faster, one by one for small fire, has been quietly lit.

At the end of march this year, the Club finished learned from people familiar with the place that credit sesame inside will be consolidation, no longer to strengthen the "reference" attribute, more focus on financial technology, sesame points or will no longer easily for use in the B end financial institutions, and pay more attention to credit service business.

On May 25, according to caixin, confirmed that the ant gold dress adjusted the subsidiary sesame co., LTD., the business model of credit management and senior management team, sesame, general manager of credit Hu Tao has been adjusted to the ant gold suit CEO office, sesame credit committee system to class.

But more private credit bureaus, is still in wait-and-see confusion and anxiety.

A credit bureaus, vice President of thought, the essence of credit reporting service and data service difference is that credit reporting services need credit institutions to share credit data. Reference foreign countries financial market more mature development, its Credit bureau's core business is Credit Report, is to the Credit agencies to upload the whole life cycle of the borrower Credit performance data processing, in accordance with the unified standards to judge a person's historical performance ability, solvency and reimbursement.